zenSo the blues didn’t last long at all. I think it was just a momentary fallout after the final surgery. The new job is going very well, and despite being a little tired as I’m still getting used to the new schedule, I feel great. I’m sleeping very well — and comfortably! Rolling around like it’s nobody’s business, so I’m very pleased with how things are healing. I’ll have a 4 week post-op appointment this month, and I expect to present my doctor with a report of FEELIN’ FINE!

Meanwhile, I’m still formulating my plan to become a trainer for women that have had this procedure — and I may take it farther and create something that I could train people dealing with cancer too. I’ll continue to think on it and develop things as I go, really looking forward to making something happen out of this. The goal would be to give people access to the healing and quality of life-enhancing properties of the right kinds of exercise/physical therapy, and nutrition.   Read more on my BRCA Blog: www.emilyfordworld.com/BRCA