The Kings of New Orleans Series tells the story of one man’s decision to fight back against the atrocities committed by crime bosses during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Young Dr. Percy, who becomes the French Quarter King, recruits the crime bosses’ victims, a group of boys in their late teens, and trains them, transforming them into lethal warriors. As vigilantes, they require a disguise and become known as the Jesters. The costumed warriors fight crime and act to take out the crime bosses, who call themselves Kings, while weeding out corruption from the city. In the process, they stumble onto the biggest threat of all: the Kings are using legitimate MMA matches to cover up their true billion dollar industry, underground death matches. The Jesters are pulled into the fiasco and before the series ends, one Jester will meet his ultimate demise.

Begin the journey with Book 1 in the series, “The Black Jester,” available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major ebook outlets. Don’t forget to visit the Kings’ website!

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