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8 Days of Omega Beginnings, Day 8: Herakles

I’m so excited to share with you 8 Days of “Omega Beginnings”! What is Omega? “Omega” is a novel by prolific author Lizzy Ford scheduled for release on October 26, 2015. It’s an epic Young Adult read with a genre that could be described as Fantasy, Greek God, Romance, and Adventure! What is “Omega Beginnings?”…

Kiera’s Sun Completes Lizzy Ford’s Anshan Saga

Lizzy Ford’s Anshan Saga is now complete as “Kiera’s Sun” rounds out the Fantasy Romance story. “Kiera’s Moon” Synopsis:  When starving artist Kiera wakes up on board a spaceship, she panics. Her best friend has dragged her across the universe to help her find a man and a life, only the man she ends up…

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