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The Blue Jester Buy Links

I am happy to announce the release of Episode Three in the Kings of New Orleans Series! Now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and More! AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01041A7R0 BARNES & NOBLE: SMASHWORDS (ALL DEVICES) WATCH THE BOOK TRAILER! Book Summary: Episode Three begins with a flashback that reveals more of the events that prompted Dr. Percy…

Free Horror & Thriller E-books from Emily Ford

The Black Jester and The Demon Train are FREE on Smashwords.com for all devices! Don’t miss out! Love thrillers? Click Here for The Black Jester Love horror? Click Here for The Demon Train        Share

The Kings of New Orleans is Striking & Powerful

The Kings of New Orleans Series tells the story of one man’s decision to fight back against the atrocities committed by crime bosses during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Young Dr. Percy, who becomes the French Quarter King, recruits the crime bosses’ victims, a group of boys in their late teens, and trains them, transforming them…

Emily Ford Books Free on Wattpad

Read for FREE! I’ve added “The Black Jester” and “The Demon Train” to Wattpad in their entirety! These are both the first books in their series, so it’s a great way for readers to test the waters to see if they want to continue on the series journey! Like crime thrillers? Choose “The Black Jester.” Like horror?…

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