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Watch the Intense Kings of New Orleans Video!

I love the Kings of New Orleans Series so much! Vigilante crime fighters skilled in Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, hand-to-hand combat, and law enforcement. Fighting against corrupt millionaire criminals in New Orleans. WHAT A RUSH! A great¬†way to get an idea of the series is to watch the awesome and intense video trailer for it!…

The Exciting Book Trailer for The Blue Jester Is Out!

“The Blue Jester,” Emily Ford’s third book in the Kings of New Orleans Series is due out in June. To help ease the anticipation, Captured Book Trailers has created a powerful, dramatic book trailer certain to leave you wanting more! Watch the book trailer now!¬†(https://youtu.be/QgWmZi9OocQ) Summary of “The Blue Jester:” Episode Three begins with a…

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