I may write about fictional demons, but this is the real deal! The following is an interview with Demonologist Jerry Williams, an ordained minister based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Thank you Jerry for taking the time to answer our questions!

Be sure to check out Jerry’s Facebook page: Facebook.com/DemonologistJerryWilliams  as well as his website that offers training and certifications in Demonology, Paranormal Investigation, and Parapsychology: www.crisedu.com.

Warning: this could be disturbing to some folks.

Emily Ford World: What exactly is Demonology?
Jerry Williams: Demonology is the study of the demonic. It can be through Judeo Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, occult and Polynesian demonology. So the study of demons in that area of culture point of view.

Emily Ford World: How did you get into the field?
Jerry Williams: Well, as a minister I was called by a family who attended our church to come and bless their home in 2001. I really wasn’t into demons or paranormal. I walked into the home and felt very ill feeling and it felt like an elephant on my chest and like I was walking in quick sand. As I performed the blessing “Lord’s prayer” I used my Nextel cell phone to record our session. This is the crazy part on the audio you hear screams, hissing and a demon changing his voice to a female saying stop and then as a man saying don’t you pray to God. Then another male saying face to face. It was a serious awaking moment and I wanted to know more about how and why this happens. I went into Michigan University ministry of demonology then OSU of demonology then graduated NLMC University for exorcism and deliverance.

Emily Ford World: What exactly are demons?
Jerry Williams: Demons really depends on the person’s culture belief. I say they are fallen angels that rebelled against God as it says in revelations of the bible. They were casted to earth with Satan and they are here to try to inflict or cause us pain. They are looking for an invitation from a person. By making free choice God gave us if we choose to cross that line then the demon accepts your challenge on the chess board. Demons don’t like humans because we are made in Gods image as in genesis. Demons will sound like a loved one or familiar spirit they will not look 100% like us because they hate God that much and our image is of God. They are usually missing a limb, eyes, torso, leg, arm and even distortion to the face.

Emily Ford World: What are some common misconceptions about your field?
Jerry Williams: People think we worship demons…and of course I do laugh. Some think they can do this by seeing it on TV. But it takes a person with a divine protection from God. Truthfully, here’s one….We get 500 cases a week. Out of these cases 10 would be true demon hauntings, possession, oppression and infestations. What we see the most is first Bad spirits which are human spirits probably someone who was a murder, child molester, woman beater, a person full of hate towards man. In spirit form they are the same and feel they have the upper hand. They are BULLIES and they are very weak because once that person gets spiritually strong they become strong. Remember this is about spiritual not physical fight. One thing never to do is show aggressive fear. Demons will use it against you.

Emily Ford World: Have you been involved with any exorcisms? Are they anything like people think they are, based on watching TV & movies?
Jerry Williams: I have conducted over 189 exorcisms and they are not like TV or movies. Well no spinning of the head lol…when someone is truly possessed we are dealing with a terrible thing. I’ve. Seen levitation of one individual where they floated to the ceiling and then crawled down the wall. I’ve seen people go with us and never met the person and the demon speaks through the person and exploits that person’s sins or dark secrets. So it is very different then Hollywood and it can be very dangerous for all involved in the exorcism. The alleged possessed person does go through tests, evaluation of mental and medical status before we can start. Then a test to prove if they are possessed. Demons love bidding behind mentally ill people because they signs and symptoms are very similar.

Emily Ford World: How often do you encounter actual demons in your work?
Jerry Williams: Seriously not a whole lot so first probably bad spirit human second mental illness no possession present. Third want attention. But it’s out there and demons are becoming more and more active today.

Emily Ford World: How can people recognize that they have a demon problem?
Jerry Williams: Usually the person will hear knocks on a wall sometimes voices, black shadow masses, door bells rings, knocks, electrical appliances turn off in threes. This is a mocking of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The trinity. Crosses will turn upside down on walls….religious objects will fall or fly across rooms. Some sensitive folks will get ill in stomach pain sometimes blood comes out of nose mouth or ears. People get headaches dizziness. Vomiting, the activity is at 3:00 to 3:30 am or pm. If the activity becomes more active if you are praying. Sexual attacks by the incubus succubus demon in the bedroom. Foul smells like rotten eggs, rotten flesh or blood smell. Pictures taken show comedy mask looking entities.

Emily Ford World: How can people keep themselves safe and protected from the influence of a demon?
Jerry Williams: I recommend the bible Psalms 91 read three times. Or Ephesians 6 of the bible. Or use sage, frankincense, myrr, copper dust expels some demons. Look for basement and attics where they would hide. Look for insect infestation like a lot of them flies….means Beelzebub the lord of the flies. So use Psalms 91 on him and finally use Lord’s prayer…. Then you can use holy water on forehead draw a cross. Use olive oil bless it and draw sign on cross on forehead. Bless doors and windows. Especially the area most activity.

Emily Ford World: Are paranormal investigators at an increased risk of catching a demon’s attention?
Jerry Williams: I would say yes…anytime you are talking to the dead using equipment anything can get through. This means even demons. I have seen some ask questions that are actually inviting to a demon. Never say use my body…never provocate a spirit it might be something else. See demons won’t attack fully on someone accidentally come across their path but if you go into a location where you know demons are there then you made that choice and the demon is waiting to attack or follow you home. I say to all investigators do a protective prayer before and after investigating. Really only a few do this which scares me. So yes, some are not doing it the right way and they trust that spirit because most say “it doesn’t feel bad ” ok feelings can be manipulated and a demon may make you feel safe to it and that is what they want you to become closer to it and trust it. Then oppression begins after that then final possession. So it’s something to be really aware of…not a joke or game.

Emily Ford World: Do spirits and demons influence us on a daily basis?
Jerry Williams: Not really they are out there but truthfully we must come into their lives or paths.

Emily Ford World: Do you think people should learn more about this subject to increase their awareness, or only if they encounter a problem?
Jerry Williams: Absolutely…..I have even offered a paranormal team class on demons and evils spirits and how to protect and what to look for including animal demons. At www.crisedu.com I also have demonology class there as well for those wanting to learn demonology to become a demonologist. We also have parapsychology classes as well.

Emily Ford World: Is there anything you want people to know about the field or on the subject?
Jerry Williams: Just remember that just because we cannot see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Remember they will wait patiently in hibernation until a nice loving family comes along and attracts them to try to get the person to listen or waits for an invitation. Remember also not everything you see is demonic. It may be explained or it may be a bad human spirit. Please say a protection prayer before and after you investigate and don’t take objects home with you from locations…some demons attach to objects to get into your home.

Jerry Williams: If you ever have any questions please feel free to email me at jerrywilliamslive@gmail.com or Facebook Jerry Williams demonologist Links: Facebook.com/DemonologistJerryWilliams

God Bless