freedom 2

It’s exactly two months after the second surgery. Now that I am in the clear to resume all physical activities, today I decided to test out how running feels, after being away from it for 6 months. In a word, it was pure freedom.

Freedom. To return to a body that is healed and ready to move again. To be able to get back to improving my physical conditioning again. To be free from dysfunction, pain, and restriction. There is so much freedom in movement, and we don’t always realize this until our movement becomes restricted — either by an illness, an injury, a surgery, or simply the brutal effect of every day life as we sit too long at our desks, slouch out of exhaustion, or deny our bodies the exercise and conditioning we truly need to be strong and healthy.

In experiencing the temporary yet sometimes severe restriction of movement that accompanies a mastectomy and reconstruction, my eyes are wide open to the needs of those that go through anything that robs them of the physical freedom of movement. This experience has awakened me to a calling that I’ve always had, but didn’t know how to focus it until now. I’ve always been drawn to the field of fitness and health, but never had a clear vision of what I should do about it. Now, the calling is undeniable, and incredibly simple: to help people heal by way of the physical body. Ideas are developing in my mind, accompanied by a surge of passion that will some day be used to reach people in need of healing.

freeHow you choose to see something makes all the difference in the quality of your life — that’s what I truly believe, because I’ve seen happen in my life and in lives around me. If you choose to see a challenge in your life in a positive light, you can use the challenge to experience growth and to improve the quality of your life. You can likewise see a challenge as the worst thing ever — and you’ll be right, it will be. Why not decide to look for the positive aspect of the challenge? Your life will be all the better for it. That doesn’t mean things won’t be at times difficult, and it doesn’t mean you won’t experience negative emotions. You will. But I believe if you remember to look for what’s good in any situation, you’ll find it.  READ MORE: