NIKO COVERI’m so excited to share with you 8 Days of “Omega Beginnings”!

What is Omega? “Omega” is a novel by prolific author Lizzy Ford scheduled for release on October 26, 2015. It’s an epic Young Adult read with a genre that could be described as Fantasy, Greek God, Romance, and Adventure!

What is “Omega Beginnings?” Author Lizzy Ford added an 8 book mini-series to prequel the release of “Omega.” In each mini-series, she introduces the reader to the key characters in “Omega” and, appropriately so, she named each mini-series by the character’s name in focus. 

Without further ado, Day 6 of the 8 Days of “Omega Beginnings” continues with “Niko” which is FREE on amazon! Click here to find it!

Niko’s never known a moment of kindness until his girlfriend, Theodocia. When she’s suddenly reassigned to New York, and reveals he’s going to become a father, he walks away from her. Conflicted about losing her yet certain he’s not father material, he decides to pursue an opportunity in the Gladiator Guild he hopes will provide the money Dosy will need to raise their child. However, his pursuit of a l;arge paycheck becomes so much more than he expected and will forever alter his future.

Coming tomorrow: “Omega Beginnings” Day 7: Cleon

Omega Cover

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